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Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our website. We have been raising puppies since my son was a baby. He is now a graduate of Florida State University and completed a graduate degree program at the University of Minnesota...time goes by so quickly. We really believe a child can learn so much by having a pet dog. He learns responsibility, compassion and the love of a great companion. 

I spend 24/7 with our dogs, and have personally raised all but one from the time they were eight weeks old. We strive to breed healthy and socialble puppies. All of our dogs have a huge yard to romp in. Our puppies are kept indoors with us until the age of 6 weeks, then they are introduced to the outdoors and potty training begins.  We hope you too will come to love a doodle.

I am for longer in Florida during the winter months. Northeastern Michigan is where we will be breeding our puppies now. We have a quaint home on 40 acres.

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