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Reba our Springerdoodle

Doodles have a very special place in our hearts.

We are hobby breeders here at Old McDoodle Farm. We raise beautiful Mini Springerdoodles and Mini Whoodles.
Located in Central Florida and during the summer months in Northeastern Michigan; our puppies are born and raised in our home, NOT IN A KENNEL!! They all are treated like a family member with hugs and kisses given daily.

Why Doodles?

They  are a low maintenance, low-shed to no-shed, allergy-friendly dogs.  Very sociable, extremely clever and quick to learn unusual or special tricks. These dogs are great with children and easy to train. Their coats range from wavy to curly. Our Doodles are a wash and wear type of dog; they can be clipped if preferred but its not necessary.

Most inherited problems are caused by recessive genes that must be present in both sides of the pedigree. A puppy with parents from two different breeds that do not share a particular genetic problem will not pass it on. However, it may be carrying the recessive FOR the defect and when bred to another dog carrying the same recessive gene, can and most likely will produce it. That is why myself, and most respected breeders of mixes, do not breed 'Doodle to 'Doodle or Whoodle to Whoodle.

Why Us?

Here at Old McDoodle Farm we are devoted to raising beautiful, healthy, affectionate puppies and making them available to responsible dog lovers. They are raised in a loving family environment and are fully socialized. Our 5 acres give them plenty of room to romp. Our major focus is the "health" of our puppies. We breed QUALITY not QUANTITY! We guarantee our puppies for 1 year against genetic defects. All of our puppies are up to date on shots, worming and come with a health certificate from our veterinarian.  Our website is kept up to date with information and adorable pictures.

Only the Best!

DOODLES are the designer breed you have always been looking for in a family companion. Our dogs are AKC and CKC registered. Our doodles are the BEST of both breeds. Its our goal to provide the highest quality companion for your family.