Old McDoodle Farm

Mrs Barb,
Ellie is the sweetest, smartest, most lovable, and so dedicated to my family.  No matter where i bring her, she behaves very well.  She loves to go shopping and visit different places, people, and animals.  The people in stores cannot believe how she is so well mannered and lovable.  She loves to give and receive kisses. Her fur is extremely soft and wavy.  I could not have bought a better animal for my family.  She is the puppy of my dreams.
Thanks so much,
Cindy-mini springerdoodle

Hi Barb,

I just wanted to let you know how much we are loving Ozzy (Raisin)! He is so smart, sweet, and playful. Already, he's sleeping through the night and getting better and better at the house-training. He loves to play in our backyard and even goes on short leash walks up and down our block. He's like my little shadow, and I'm truly enjoying this experience.
Brenda- Mini Whoodle

Hi Barb. I told you I would let you know how Kui's first hunt went.  He did awesome.  Since hunting season opened I have had Kui out for several hunts around the house.  I could not get the right situation where he would jump a bird and I could shoot it in front of him.  I did not want something to go wrong and scare him when the gun went off, especially for his first time.  Last week I finally decided to call a hunting preserve over by Rogers City.  The man understood that I had a 7 month old pup that had not had a bird shot in front of him before and worked with me to create the perfect situation.  He planted several birds and we went out into the field to find them.  In each situation he would get a scent and track the bird until it flew and I would shoot.  He would chase the bird down when it fell.  Kui performed excellent and seemed to transition before my eyes from being a happy-go-lucky puppy into a very serious hunter.  He needs a little work on his retrieving but he has a very good nose on him.  That same day we left the game farm and on the way back home stopped at an area I have always been able to jump a few partridge   Within a few minutes he jumped a covey and I shot one of the birds.  The bird landed in some very thick cover but Kui was able to go right in and find it.  As you can see by the picture he is a very proud dog and we are very proud of him.  We have to constantly keep reminded ourselves he is only seven months old because he is such a great dog.  I will keep you updated on his progress.
Steve-f1b mini springerdoodle

Dear Barb,
I just wanted to let you know what a JOY Murphy (Frey) is to our entire family!  He is the happiest and most social dog we have ever known.  When we're home with him, he follows us around, and is always found in the middle of the action (usually getting his tummy rubbed!)  When we're out, he sleeps by the door until we return and then eagerly greets us as if he hasn' t seen us in months.  It's always fun to enter the house to receive so much love and excitement after a long day!  He is also very good-natured.  No matter how many kids are attempting to pick him up and play with him, he always remains calm and goes along with any game they are playing.  When he's had enough, he just retreats into a corner and takes a nap until things quiet down a bit.  He rarely barks and loves to meet other dogs of any size, even if they are not as social as he is :)  We bring him wherever we can, since he is a very well-behaved little dog.  On Saturdays, he always enjoys watching our kids play soccer, and getting lots of attention from kids and adults alike.  I can't tell you how many people have stopped us to ask what type of dog he is, and where we got him.  (Yes, I've given your name and website out several times!)  They love his soft hair and his perfect size, in particular.    When we've gone on vacation, my in-laws watch him, and they, too have fallen in love with Murphy.  My husband thinks they like Murphy better than him :) 
I am so grateful we did our research and found you and your mini whoodles on the internet.  He is truly the perfect dog for our family, and I would highly recommend a mini-whoodle to anyone who wants a dog with a lovable personality.  I've attached some of our favorite photos, though I have to admit, it's not easy taking a good picture of an all-black dog, as his features are tough to capture!    I hope you are doing well, Barb!
Warmest Regards,
Rose Neal-mini whoodle

Just wanted to send you a "hello" and tell you that little Captain is
doing great! He's almost 2 1/2 now. We haven't loved a dog more than
Captain. He has definitely stolen our hearts. He's such a quick study.
We take Captain and his sister Sofie to the creek almost every day where
they swim and retrieve sticks. Captain is always so eager to show his
affection, and I'm wondering if your other doodles want their tummy
scratched as much as he does!?

He's always surprising us w/his displays of affection--running into our
laps unexpectedly, and asking to be picked up and held. He especially
loves carrots and broccoli, and when he sees me get these out of the
fridge he comes running! He's good at tricking his Aussie sister, and
that says a lot, as Aussies are supposed to be smart, and she is....just
not in the same way as Captain.

We wish we could take on another one of your Springerdoodles, but
really, that would kind of be over the top for us where we live and all.

You all still are the best breeder we've come across ever. Thank you so
much for Captain. He's such a wonderful gift and blessing we are
thankful for every day. I think of you often when I look at him.

Karen Piercem
Charlotte, NC- mini springerdoodle

Hi Barb!
I've been meaning to email you and give you the latest update on our Wally....he's doing absolutely fabulous!!  We weighed him last week and he was about 11 1/2 pounds, he's had all his shots and he's loosing starting to lose his little baby teeth.  He loves going for walks and meeting other dogs and people.  He really is exactly what we were looking for in a dog,I can't thank you enough!  If you have any potential families you want to send our way for an endorsement, you let me know!! 
Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer!
Meghan, Kevin and Wally- mini whoodle

Scruffy has the best disposition, smarter than a fifth grader, and cute as a button. He is now 4 mos old, completely potty trained, rings a bell to go out, weighs about 8.5 lbs, plays all day or sleeps all day, whatever you want him to do, sits, shakes left and right paws, lay down, comes (sometimes) when you call, swims and plays in the water. He even eats all the bugs on the back porch around the pool.

Steve- Mini Whoodle

Dear Barb,

    I just wanted to thank you again for our wonderful little Springer Doodle.  She is smart, friendly and always willing to please. I have had some great hunting and company dogs in my life, but none as wonderful as our Isabel. You have done a wonderful job in turning out a well breed dog. I have been looking for a family dog for the last year and a half and now we have one. Isabel goes traveling with us in our motor home and fishing on our boat. We get compliments on her all the time. She is such a little show stopper. She is so calm, well mannered and behaved, and has the most her amazingly soft fur. One person asked how we trained her to be so calm. I answered, “We didn‘t, it’s just good genetics.” Even though she is calm, she has great speed and agility.  We hope to begin agility classes soon. She has been easy to house train, crate train and picks up tricks easily and quickly. At 4 months old she can complete 11 tricks. My wife’s mother who has never been a dog lover - had Isabel sitting in her lap. Everyone that has come in contract with Isabel loves her. She even helps out on the farm by herding our chickens back to the coop. My wife thinks she would make a great service dog to visit hospitals and nursing homes.  Many people ask if she is a Portuguese Water Dog. I just say, “No she is better - she is a Springer Doodle!” 

Thanks so much,
Madison, IN- F1-b mini springerdoodle

P.S. Our daughter thinks she is Isabel’s favorite human. My wife thinks the same thing, but I know better. I’m her favorite human.

Hi Barb,
I'm so sorry that it has taken nearly a year for me to update you on how Marley (Rainbow) is doing.  Between construction projects, kids, life, and Marley (of course) time has escaped me.  Words can't describe how happy we have been since we brought Marley home.  She is so affectionate and sweet.  She loves to play with the kids and can't pass up a lap without curling up in it.  She really is the dream dog!  House training was a breeze.  It seemed like she came already programmed to learn.  She had very few accidents in the house.  Because Marley doesn't bark, we have taught her to ring a bell when she needs to go out.  She learned that instantly, too.  I have attached a few recent pictures of Marley.  What can we say........she is cute, sweet, SMART, quiet (no barking!), calm, playful, and just the best dog we could have ever asked for. 
Thank you so much!
Stephanie-mini whoodle   

Testimonial Emails

Hi Barb,
Lucy is 7 months old today. Look at her beautiful coloring. She weighs 17 pounds & the perfect size, height, frame, etc.
What a joy she is to us! She has run of the house now when we are gone and she's perfect with no accidents (we have a camera to watch her actions from our I-phones when we are gone) :). She doesn't chew and destroy things at all. We've never had a dog like her. Her mouth & bite is so soft especially for a puppy! When we leave she doesn't bark she just goes right to her bed of toys and lays down....so...no anxiety issues. She rings a cow bell on the door when she wants to go outside and on the rare occasion in the middle of the night if she has to go, she whines next to the bed until one of us wakes up or she will jump up with paws on the edge of the bed and nuzzle Ron's face (gently) until he wakes up. We are both so amazed at this breed. People stop us and ask us what kind she is because she's so well-behaved and cute! She loves kids and other animals. We can't thank you enough for Lucy!!! I hope you don't mind all these emails but we want to share our joy with you and Lenny. mini springerdoodle